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Lark Abel Biography

Lark Abel began her career as a self employed artist at 19. Beginning with graphic arts and signs, Lark made a name for herself on the island of Kauai where she lived and raised her son Tim for 26 years.

Evelyn de Buhr of Kauai Magazine says: “…the seeds of her success were in her genes, for she is the third generation of artists to work with wood.  But in the last few years, Lark has turned that craft into a new element.  She is now carving glass, and finding herself in new realms of artistic expression. Seascapes, mountain vistas, jungle mysteries, mermaids, and fantasy creatures all find representation in her unique and amazing lifelike renditions.  It is something she is able to convey in the eyes, she is able to portray an intelligence and sentiment in all the beings that populate her panes, from Dragons to Buddhas.”

            Lark has been designing and creating carved & etched glass panels for many of the finest custom homes built in Kauai Hawaii, and Laguna Beach California since 1985.

Her love of wildlife and nature brought Lark to her new home in the Junipers of Crawford Colorado.

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